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Hi. My name is Paul Tan. I am in no way affiliated with any branch of the automotive industry here in Malaysia. I’m just a petrolhead who loves cars. Hope you enjoy my blog.

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I used to drive a 1996 Proton Satria 1.6GLi upgraded to 1.8 SOHC and I was a member of the Pro-Hatch Enthusiasts, a Malaysian car club for Proton Satria owners. If you drive a Proton Satria, consider heading over to the forum and join the discussion!

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Paul Tan’s Automotive News established in 2005, begin with blogger, with solid review in automotive industry, today his blog success become the most popular car review in Malaysia and ASEAN. According to combination traffic statistic (Comscore, Quantcast, SiteMeter, Alexa) it is categories as top 100 Malaysia site; With 500K – 800K monthly unique visitors, the blog also become advertiser favorite.